Bebo VS Zekou

Bebo VS Zekou - student project

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Bebo a young man fresh out of the Intergalactic Space Academy. He is what you call a legacy man following the footsteps of his forebearer's before him in the line of duty. He yearns to prove himself the best as he follows the letter of the law. He is cocky and arrogant as all young people are, but he is known to be prejudice when it comes to criminals believing there is no reason to break the law no matter the crime he will bring the hammer down hard. He is as broad as he is vocal in his beliefs. One day he will achieve top brass and be seen as a hero in a long line of heroes, after all it is his family's legacy.



Zekou a young male Drazic Goron who has lived life in the shadows and streets. He learned early on in life to count on no one, to trust no one. Not even his own kin who he practically raised. The law never helped him once in all his life, they were either a hindrance and at times even fatal. He's lived his life watching and learning using his charm and demure physique to attain food, knowledge, and later power. Now in his prime he is feared and well known in the 13 Galaxies as Dark Marr the most notorious pirate in existence.