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Kristin Dragos

Software Engineer, VR Content Creator



Beazle Bee - Casual Immersive Gaming Content

Virtual reality is becoming increasingly popular. It's showing up in movies, like Ready Player One, and in television series, such as Kiss Me First. It has a serious problem though; it lacks content. If you've taken a look at the VR marketplaces, you've likely noticed that there's a lot of scary content. Creepy haunted escape rooms, zombie first person shooter games, and virtual roller coasters are sure to make a lot of people sick. 


Beazle Bee is an independent game studio looking to make content that isn't scary and a lot more casual. Think about all those people that play games on Facebook. Those people aren't likely to play the content that is currently available. We aim to make games that these people would play in VR - content that's more social and casual. In order for virtual reality to reach mass adoption, we need to be creating content for everyone - not just the hard core gamers.


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