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Beavers Make the Best Baggers

I've never been good at drawing from my mind, so this was a challenge for me to say the least. I decided to use a square for my shape because I felt like it lent itself to my character occupation and appearance.


I did a little bit of research on primary beaver characteristics and shapes. I already had a picture in my mind for overall shape of my grocery store clerk, only because I had just been to the store a fews hours before starting this project and the guy that bagged my items fit the profile above. I mainly focused on how to translate beaver parts into human characteristics. 


I took a break after sketching out my beaver-to-human relation ideas (my girlfriend was hungry). When I returned I didn't do any drafts, I just started drawing based on my research and the picture I had in my mind. This was the outcome. 


While I was fairly pleased with what I came up with, in the first try, I think I could do better if I started with loose shapes and continue to build until I reach the final product. For example, I may not have needed to add the grocery cart for you to know he is a grocery store clerk if I had done a bteer job on the character itself.

My biggest challenge is drawing in perspective. Objects come easier, but anatomy parts are difficult for me. I need a class just on this subject.

I appreciate all feedback. Thanks.



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