Beauty is Subversive

Beauty is Subversive - student project

Beauty is Subversive - image 1 - student project

When I dream, the parts that I remember are very short, vivid and succint. 

This was a vivid dream I had a few months ago in which a beautiful bird was being clenched so strongly by a human hand that it was squeezing the very life out of it. When I awoke, it was evident what it meant - people will always find ways to clutch beauty and squeeze the life out of it. Whether it's to kill it completely, or just absorb it's power.

Beauty will always be a magnet for evil, as well as good. But, the power and strength in beauty is that it always will leave a remnant - it can never be completely destroyed, crushed or quenched.

Evie Shaffer
Artist, mother, lover of beauty and maker.