Beauty in the unsightly

Beauty in the unsightly - student project

Beauty in the unsightly - image 1 - student project

Strolling through my much-too-late awakening garden today, I found a daisy bush that must not have survived the winter. I felt a little sorry for it, how it looked just like that. On the verge of ending up on the compost heap. Yet, this branch, like so many other things that seem to have already been given up, have a beauty in them that is worth looking twice.

Beauty in the unsightly - image 2 - student project

It doesen't need much color. Just a bright red that captivates the viewer and holds the attention. A caption that invites reflection and a brief explanation of where to see more exhibits. And why not create an exhibition on social media. Open to anyone who wants to contribute to the project.

Beauty in the unsightly - image 3 - student project

In the end, there have been a few adjustments: The headline gets a white background to stand out even more. The terms uncommon and wealth are separate from each other, as the focus here is on the uncommon wealth of unsightly things.
The claim slides to the bottom right to give the statement a sense of cohesion. It is also just easier to read at this point.

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