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Melanie Bormann

UX Designer



Beauty and the Beast - Illustrator


I chose a picture of my favorite Disney fairy tale "The Beauty and the Beast".

Because there is no text included I'll add the logo inside of the picture.

Step 1: Here is my first step. I mostly used the pen-tool  to create all the basic forms. For the next step I'd like to start with the details on Belle.

Step 2: The first details for Belle. I have to corrigate the color of her hair and have to do some more details (for exempel her hands :D ) It takes a lot of time but it's so much fun!

Step 3: Today I've changed the color of Belles hair and added more details on her hands and her dress. After that I've started with the work on the Beast. Can't wait to put more effort on the Beast :D

Step 4: Today I've finished the Beast. Now I have to start with the background.


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