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Beauty & Truth

March 12, 2014

Back working on this after a long break.

I have started vectorizing the sketch, no plans for colors yet, I am enjoying the simplicity of illustrating the shapes in black and white. Behind the Earth will be a sun. I am not planning on using the tools/icons I pasted on it. Originally I had teh descender of the "I" in Beckoning do a swirly fancy thing but it looked to much like a strange-backwards J or something.

"Beauty and truth are all about us, beckoning us to respond." - Neal A. Maxwell

This quote comes for a talk about creativity. It says to me that inspiration is everywhere and all of life is creation. It encourages us to be co-creators with the universe in whatever medium that may be.

I suppose the purpose would be for a cover to a art studio or school.

Descriptive words

Some inspirations:

A lot of other inspiration comes for looking at photos of natural world. I also found many interesting circular photos. im too lazy to download them from flickr, but you can see them here if interested:[email protected]/favorites

Some of my sketches. I used fonts as references. Plan to do more thumbnail ideas still.

A couple more with the word "truth' I used some reference but handlettered them, I used a calligraphy pen on my blackletter.

Just another quick thumbnail concept:

Latest thumbnail, would like feedback on this. has more influence from grateful dead type poster.

November 13th update

sketch layout go

Not loving the "respond" and im still trying to figure out design elements, any feedback appreciated.

Long while UPdate - Dec 12, 2013

Made a complete change. The two main spheres are the sun and earth in front.

any feedback appreciated.


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