Beautiful skies

Beautiful skies - student project

I followed the videos, and first tried my hand with studentgrade paper and the tapping technique did not work very well on that paper. I remember I had great success with Vanessa's technique during her galaxy class, but then, I had pulled out a sheet of arches....

So I did it all over again, but on a sheet of arches.... and it worked great!!! So here are both version, with color swatches on the arches version on the left and the pieces done on student grade paper on the right.

Colors : 

  - prussian blue and paynes grey by van Gogh

  - opera rose by sennelier

  - aureoline by hoblein or cadmium yellow pale hue from Cotman (can't remember which I had on my palette!)

  - and mixes of these colors

(Little bit bigger images follow)

I had lots of fun and cannot wait to use these in a final seascape project! I do need to work on the rainy clouds though.... this one givers me trouble for some reason.

Beautiful skies - image 1 - student project



Beautiful skies - image 2 - student project


Beautiful skies - image 3 - student project

Stephanie Rault
Rabbit hole explorer, color mixer, maker