Beautiful Vandals

Beautiful Vandals - student project

I've been thinking about "art" verses "craft" or "the feeling and style of a thing" verses "the mechanics of producing the thing" so I wanted to do a spread on that. I started looking for some photos, found this one of the spray cans, and then thought "street art is pretty cool."

Symmetry & Asymmetry

I tried to balance the spread with the big image and type on the left and the smaller photos and content on the right. The pink box unifies the spread by providing symmetry while the large photo and type creep outside of their bounds to provide some interest through asymmetry.


The large image of the spray cans and the large type are overwhelmingly large - they should grab attention and provide clues as to what the article is about. As you move into the content of the article, things get smaller, requiring a little more consideration.


I've never really considered framing before this I tried some things. The whole layout and the pink box are framed top and bottom by a white border. I hoped this would achieve a "read between the lines" feeling and keep the attention moving left to right. The small photos are framed to help them stand out a bit at their smaller size.

The photo all the way to the right breaks its frame just to keep it interesting. The large type on the left breaks its frame by going outside the pink box and the content on the right breaks its frame by going inside the pink box.

Framed things seem important. When things break outside of a frame, they also seem important. Still playing with this one.


The large type on the left is gigantic and stylized so of course you'd read that first. Next is the section heading which is the largest type in the content area. Below that is the introductory paragraph with a bold and slightly larger version of the main content font. Finally the main content is the smallest size. There are also captions for the images that are the same size as the content font but the captions are italicized.


It was helpful to start with a grid and I did stick right to it for most of the layout. I found when I got to the type that I was moving things around with the grid off - if I aligned the text areas to the grid it just didn't feel right. Looking at it now I feel like I could shift the whole thing a bit to the right, but making that adjustment still wouldn't put it on the grid.

The overall layout looks very grid-like though, so I think my trouble with using the grid may have been that I was using the wrong grid - maybe there were too many or too few columns or rows...or maybe the gutters were not a helpful size...or?

Beautiful Vandals - image 1 - student project

Beautiful Vandals - image 2 - student project

Beautiful Vandals - image 3 - student project

Beautiful Vandals - image 4 - student project