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Anastasia Astridge

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Beautiful Things Are Never Perfect

I've decided to pick a phrase that I would want to hang in front of me at my desk:-) I am a perfectionist and a lot of things don't get done simply because they seem not to be perfect enough!

I've discovered that I can use a lot of embroidery transfer prints if I wantd to decorate my phrase (I am not good at drawing)

would like to pick one of these options:

1. use some image of a baby, child... toddler as the main reference to what is considered beautiful without ever being perfect


2. Mixing the phrase with flowers or have the phrase in the middle of the wreth of flowers

3. More of a lettering poster:-)

23.10.2013 Update

My sketches (done at work, hiding in a meeting room)

Here are some phrase sketches. Once I've started sketching them I couldn't stop:-)

You can see I struggle to sketch totally different ideas, most of the sketches are pretty similar. I actually nearly physically feel timid! Like I would have sketes strapped on for the first time in my life:-)


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