Beautiful Spreadsheets & You Can, Too! Design Your Own Numbers Template

Beautiful Spreadsheets & You Can, Too! Design Your Own Numbers Template - student project

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Beautiful Spreadsheets? You Can, Too! Design Your Own Numbers Template


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For most designers and visual people, the word “spreadsheet” can invoke anxiety attacks, rage, and in some cases, even murder (okay…maybe just in dream state).

How can we, as a global species, prevent such tragedies from ever happening?

Let’s start by putting the beautiful back into spreadsheets.

“Back?” you ask, incredulously, “I didn't ever think it was ever there to begin with.”

Truth doth thou speak! However, there are plenty examples of tables being used in editorial design, for example, that are very well done. Why haven’t we brought that same taste into spreadsheet design? (That of course assumes there is such a thing as “spreadsheet design” to begin with.)

This course will teach you, using Apple Numbers, how to do that. The principles taught here can also be applied to Excel or Google Docs, but Numbers provides the most ease and flexibility in terms of design.

For business folk who already sweat in stats, this course can help you level up your spreadsheet artistry. 

After all, just because you're working with data, doesn't mean it has to be dastardly.


  • Introduction
  • Design Ahead of Time: Colors
  • Don't Default
  • Typographic Contrast
  • Choosing a Font for Header Cells
  • Choosing a Font for Body Cells
  • Designing the Table
  • Using Your Table Elsewhere
  • Setting Up Your Template
  • Using Your Template
Moly Yim
Creative Warrior