Beautiful Ikebana: Japanese Flower Arranging Basics

Beautiful Ikebana: Japanese Flower Arranging Basics - student project

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Fresh Materials.  Simple Lines.  Learn how to bring the ancient art of Japanese flower arranging into your living space with gorgeous, seasonal arrangements.  

Taught by Seanacey Yabe, a Kyoto-based instructor of Sogetsu style ikebana. 

In this class, we will: 

-Get a quick history of ikebana, the different schools, and some core concepts of Sogetsu Ikebena such as line, open space, asymmetry, and seasonality.

-Learn how to select suitable branches and flowers from the garden, florist, or grocery store flower section. 

-Set up a workspace for ikebana using items from around the house.  

-Practice traditional techniques for cutting materials, fixing them securely in place, and creating a beautiful overall composition. 

-Try a simple, one-sided arrangement suitable for display on a bookshelf, side table, etc. 

This class is perfect for everyone beginners to experienced florists looking to learn new techniques. Arrangements can be adjusted to suit a wide variety of vases and flower containers. With its emphasis on lines, shapes, and seasonal materials, ikebana is also a wonderful practice/outlet for people in other creative pursuits--great source material for sketching, painting, sculpting, etc!