Beautiful Howe Sound

Beautiful Howe Sound - student project

My fictional project is based on Howe Sound, a fjord close to Vancouver, Canada. It is a beautiful place that showcases nature at its best and it's a place I love.

I have attempted a few different approaches to the layouts, playing with symmetry and asymmetry as well as keeping the scale and framing of the images into account.

For my fonts, I have used Source Serif Pro and Source Sans Pro to create hierarchy, and on the final spread I have added a script font called Alex Brush, to add a more personal, emotional touch.

The page is 8.5x10 inches and I have used a 12-column grid.

Please let me know what you all think. I look forward to your feedback and positive criticism to improve my design.

Beautiful Howe Sound - image 1 - student project

Beautiful Howe Sound - image 2 - student project

Beautiful Howe Sound - image 3 - student project