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Here's the Redhead I started off with for a couple of these short classes... Fairly pretty girl to begin with, mind you, not a thing wrong with her....  but I'm still going to mess with her... Oh, do note that liquify does NOT work well on slimming down someone wearing a really obvious pattern - I had absolute agates trying to slip down this one poor dear in a polka dot dress!


Here's the redhead slimmer, with a bit more in the bust area (well, let's be honest, the poor dear was rather flat to begin with)... 


And here she is sans blemishes - a bit TOO sans blemishes, really, but an interesting start. I'll likely need to fiddle around with the settings quite a bit before I can get her looking properly human at the same time. Right now she's a bit alien looking!


Here's the victim... um.... *subject* for eyes & hair as she started off - again, lovely girl to begin with, but I'm still going to mess with her. I'm beginning to feel a bit like a bad impression of Steve Irwin... Crikey! It's a cranky model in the wild, one of the most dangerous creatures on earth... I'm gonna poke it with a stick!


Here she is with blue eyes - they may be a bit "too" blue, but I rather like them like this, as they could come in handy for paranormal romance or urban fantasy cover art. 


And look! She's a blonde. She's also had black hair, chocolate brown, and a *lovely* shade of auburn - I think the auburn suited her skin tone and eye color best, but she looked pretty good with the chocolate brown hair and the bright blue eyes, too. 


Isn't she pretty? She's my original for the glowing skin, and yes, I'm going to poke her with a stick apparently... 


Here she is with just the diffuse glow - it came out pretty well and I honestly would probably leave well enough alone right there if I were doing this "for" something. 


And here she is all done - I think for her I like *just* the diffuse glow rather than the full treatment, as it seems just a smidge too light for her, but there you have it. 


Here's my 'tattoo girl' before I led her into a life of inky depravity...


I honestly feel like I should put serious makeup on her, though, because she looks more like an ad for a nail salon with more interesting manicures than just French manicures on gel... 


And my last (oh, thank God you say...) original - she looks like she might put up with my nonsense, but only in an 'I support women's education' way... I suppose that's why I didn't pick her for hair or skin, she just really doesn't look like she'd appreciate that kind of fiddling around. 


And here she is with much brighter teeth... and me wanting to... I don't know, shave her chin or something for goodness' sake. 


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