Beatriz Ferreira

Beatriz Ferreira - student project

Monogram Logo - Universidade Católica Portuguesa


Beatriz Ferreira - image 1 - student projectÉ um logotipo muito formal de uma universidade e representa história e conhecimento. É necessária apenas uma cor para lidar com esse logotipo, tornando-o muito versátil. O facto da escrita e a marca serem separadas permite modernizar a imagem com um novo tipo de letra, por exemplo.


Wordmark - Potenciar Comunicação

Beatriz Ferreira - image 2 - student projectAutor: Júlio Piza. It is a logo of a communication company, it regroups the letters of the company name, forming a much more fun image. The colors refer us to a corporate environment. 



Combination Mark - Brisa

Beatriz Ferreira - image 3 - student projectBrisa is the largest private road operator in Portugal and the logo relfects fresh colors and dynamic, to balance the polluting image that land transport have in general.



Abstract Logo - ISEC

Beatriz Ferreira - image 4 - student projectThis logo, despite being an abstract representation, conveys formality and an institutional sense. Being a logo of an educational institution, I guess it represents part of the university building or some aspect of its architecture.



Monogram Logo - Diário de Aveiro

Beatriz Ferreira - image 5 - student projectIt is a simplified version of the logo of a regional newspaper, used for web shortcuts or profile images on social networks. The main logo is also a wordmark.



Mascot Logo - Psicolaranja

Beatriz Ferreira - image 6 - student projectI drew this myself during this course. It is a modernization of a blog logo where I write. The original logo was a photo of an orange with crazy eyes drawn in Paint. I wanted to keep this creative side and give the idea that it would have been hand-drawn in an inexperienced way. The blog's name is literally "Psico Orange".