Beatrix Potter

Beatrix Potter - student project

Woo this one was tough yet total rewarding. This class was super helpful with getting a jump start on the art making process. However I did find decide on what images to use and how to go about shading and adding heavier shadows to be difficult. Nevertheless overall I liked this project and would like to work more in this style. Quick background on the Beatrix Potter she’s known for being the woman behind Petter Rabbit series. Also I ran into a slight problem when picking her as the subject for this painting. I couldn’t find any colored photography of her so my colors are mostly guess work and are influenced by the watercolors found in her literature.

Let me know what you think along with any tips and trick that may be helpful.
Beatrix Potter - image 1 - student projectBeatrix Potter - image 2 - student projectBeatrix Potter - image 3 - student project

Brittiany Rorrer
College student/ Young artist