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Beatrix Kiddo (Black Mamba aka The Bride)

Hello everyone!

This is my first illustration class ever. So far my drawings are based on a figuring out-based technique and I would like to learn the approach offered in this class. I'm not a student, not an artist either. Just recently I felt the urge to draw again... I used to spend hours a day drawing and painting when I was a child. Advice from all of you will be very appreciated. Before enrolling this class I checked the artwork from other students and got really inspired. Thank you! :)

1. Introduction -checked

2. Sketching the body with shapes

   2.1. Pick your tools -ckecked.

   Using tools I had already around the house, though.

   2.2. Create a superhero or villain -checked

   I'm going for a character that already exists, Black Mamba aka The Bride from Kill Bill.    Some may consider she is a heroine but I'm not so sure... The idea is to play around with this character and not actually depict her exactly as in the movie.

   2.3. Basic structure -checked

   Following along with Patrick in the video has been very challenging... So I watched the video first and then practiced. I will post later.

   2.4. Using reference images -in progress

   I will post scketches using my own reference images ASAP. For these, I've collected a bunch of yoga poses.

   2.5.  Action poses -in progress

   I will post scketches later and practice using images I've collected. I found capoeira dancers are a good resource. Coming soon.


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