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Beatrice - Journeyman

Normally I work with pencil and pen, but I found this step much easier in Photoshop with my tablet.

This is a character for a fantasy quest story.  Beatrice has completed her apprenticeship with a sorcerer and has started her journeyman years by joining a quest in progress.  Her outfit is standard for spellcasting journeymen in this setting. The simple design and lack of color and adornment signify her status.    The book is to collect guild seals of the cities she travels through to verify her travels.

My fantasy world is big on beauracracy.

I kept the design very simple, as she will be collecting magical items and artifacts through her journeys in the coming years. 

For the head turnaround, I adjusted the hair for more structure and to make it more dynamic. It will allow for more interesting evolution as the story progresses.

I chose expressions I thought Beatrice might experience going out into the world for the first time [her scholarly teacher was not the traveling type]: general surprise, pleased surprise, hurt feelings, frustration, first compliment, and rage.


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