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Beast Toy Design

I´ve been working on illustrations and papertoys about furry monsters and Aztec gods. Trying to make them friendly but at the same time with some kind of weapons and accesories that makes them interesting.

Moodboard: I really like the art toys that have some action or movement pose like some coarse designs and the ones that has a lot of deatils but at the same time a clean design like the Huck Gee customs. 

Combinations: All the groups are going to be usefull in the idea that I have in mind. Each pic will help me to develop the beast that I´m looking for, maybe the pose, the  colors, the face expression, etc.


Well, I wanted to keep working on my Aztec Gods Characters. Also I really wanted to do a Lion, with big hair. And with an action pose... So first I started with Quetzalcoatl. Then with the lion, but the aztec god Tezcatlipoca is a jaguar. So I don´t know what to do. I need more sketches with a wild jaguar instead of a lion to keep the aztec´s story as it is. But that means I need to remove the awesome hair. After the lion sketches. I draw a Huitzilopochtli warrior, but nothing good came to my head. What do you think???



Lion or Jaguar? Tezcatlipoca is a Jaguar, but the lion could have an awesome hair!

Aztec gods I´ve made.


Ok, so I picked Tezcatlipoca, with all the elements from my Illustration but with another shape of body and in an attack or movement pose.

Here is my "final" entry, I don´t have enough time this days, so I hope I can redesign my sketches later becaused they need more work!. I was worried about my character because it has a lot of colors and a complex pose, I`m thinking in a complete black toy with just some special parts colored like the gems or feathers. Im going to keep working with this project, that´s for sure!!!  I don´t know if I can still upload the process. If you want to follow this project, here is my behance. Or  

Thanks for watching!!!


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