Beast Mode.

I don't consider myself fat, but I am slightly bigger than I would like to be. It's been a stressful semester at school and I've been slacking when it comes to exercise and eating healthy, which has lead me to being borderline overweight.

My biggest weakness would probably be sweets, which is a huge problem for me since I have a strong family history of Diabetes, and am therefore much more likely to get it as well, especially if I have a high blood sugar.

I realize that I can only be healthy if my lifestyle is what changes. Here is how I plan on starting out:

  • drink at least eight glasses of water a day
  • eat junk food no more than once a week
  • drink only water, milk or tea
  • take my vitamins daily
  • eat more fruits
  • no more mindless snacking!
  • exercise for an hour at least three times a week, either at home or at the gym
  • do the hundred pushups, one fifty dips, two hundred squats, two hundred situps and couch to 5k challenges (but maybe not all at once!)

What I hope to eventually achieve:

  • a stronger self-esteem
  • a stronger self in general
  • be able to run a 5k
  • a flat stomach and smaller waist
  • a little less fat around my legs


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