Beasley / Price's Average Fan

This is Beasey / Price's average fan.

(photo by Daniel Zedda)

Let's call him Mark. He's 23 years old and lives in Austin, TX, as do most of Beasley / Price's fans. He's a recent college graduate, where he was an avid member in his fraternity. He loved the parties they put together. Sometimes he DJ'ed for them, as he considers himself an amateur DJ/drummer. (Yes, drummer. He played in the marching band in high school. But we won't hold that against him. I mean, we were there too.)

Now that he has graduated and has his first major job, he celebrates his eclectic musical interests and new disposable income by checking out the active live music scene in Austin. His taste in music may be varied, but he shuns the mainstream, favoring music that's different, even experimental. Though, it should be noted, he hates dubstep with a passion. Not sure why though.

To find new music he checks out local blogs, Do512.com, and listens to a new music podcast now and then.  

He likes Beasley / Price because of their experimental blends of funk/soul and electro-dance. He likes that it's a different sound than most, and the musicality appeals to his taste. His favorite track is "Funky Dracula" for it's funky groove and eccentric melody. Although, he says he likes the live version better.


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