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Jeremy Hamman

Designer, Illustrator, Deceptively Capable Dancer



Bearz n' Hunny

UPDATE: I edited the pacing jussssst a little bit to give him more of a bouncy stride. Would love some feedback!

Made the back limbs darker all over for contrast...does it work any better? Should I just stick to simpler shadows? Any thoughts would be appreciated. I also added a teensy stroke on the left side of the belly..I'm thinking I want to make his eyes blink next. 

Improved the head motion and jauntied up the stride. Any ideas on the bowtie?

I've got a rough first run through the animation in the can...happy with the hunny and some of the jaunt in this duder, but he's not yet oso smooth and needs some love. Particularly in the shadow and the way his tootsies push off. Any thoughts or feedback would be totes appreciated. Also, I sort of think his peepers need enlarging.

I wanted to make a jaunty bear with a little visual interest and a fun diddybop in his gait. He stands below, ready to live.


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