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Bear Necessities!

First, a disclaimer:   We don't have a pet.  My daughter is on a one woman, big eyed, crusade to get a dog but so far we have held out!

With that in mind, and in an attempt to not add fuel to the "We need a puppy!" campaign, I chose a polar bear for my pet inspiration.  I also figured it might make a nice greeting card since the holidays are around the corner (two birds, one stone and all that).

Step one - cute polar bear photo for inspiration (Hands up if you are cold?)


Step two - sketch, scanned into photoshop (notice I went straight from cute bear to full blown accessorised party bear!)


Step three - base colors (choosing color palettes is not my strong suit, I wanted to avoid your traditional polar bear cream and go for something brighter.  On reflection I think the blue was too strong, but Anne's colour fill layer technique should mean I can change the colour easy enough until I find something that feels right).  I left the colouring a little rough around the edges because I prefer the sloppy style to perfection (it doesn't make my dodgy line work stand out so much!)


Finally I added some details, a touch of shading using a layer set to multiply and a snippet of wool texture on the jumper.  Some suitably corny text gives it that holiday greeting card vibe!


Thank you very much for this tutorial Anne!  It was an excellent course and I really appreciated the way you showed your entire process from start to finish, it is very generous of you to share your tips and tricks with us.

Happy Holidays! 

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