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#Bear Baby# So I have my first pattern!

Hi everone,I'm Melody from China,live in Chengdu where the pandas lives too:)

Self Intro

Might explain myself for a while,just feel free to skip this pagraph.3 months ago,I decided to devote my time to learning graphic design,and yes I want to be a graphic designer,I want to be a designer for a long time,I love drawing when I was young but instead of learning how to draw,I have to deal with violin,and then I go to a bussiness school,Seems I just should never think about to be a designer,Even now I can not tell my family what I am doing,when I share this idea with my friends I know most of them think it's hilariours,So I stoping talking about it  just focus on what I am doing now. not sure about  which direction I will go)but I just  love making things and I feel myself really comfortable with the things related to designning.Not a inspiraing story but I appreciate you read it.


Actually this is really personal I get the inspiration from a friends of mine,we really have a great time together,all the sketchs related to him

1.His Bear Baby (We traveling together for a while)which is also the name of this pattern

2.He love potato and tomato,so I drew the flower of potatos and some tomatos,then make some leafs for them

3.Peper,ok this one is what I want these days since I can't eat them for a while


I did these sketchs really quick,the lesson is I should put more effort to my sketchs.


Color pallet

These pictures are taken while we were traveling together,considering the final result I am going to change the pallet today or tomorrow


Working in AI

This is the colord version in Adobe Illustrator


Then playing with the layout and I have a lot fun with kuler using my pallet,That's what I got




I tried watercolor to make the rose which I really really like .

Then I made some mock-up by using pen tool to apply them


Not proud of it ,it's done anyway.

3 month have gone



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