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Beady Giraffe: "Social Selling"

There are 10 men who sit beside a traffic intersection. All making intricate sculptures decorated with beads. Cars pass to park nearby for drivers to enter the shopping mall. 

These men are exceptionally poor. The mall is in an exceptionally wealthy neighbourhood. If you want to see the artwork up close you walk away from the mall and walk to them. The haggling starts before you even get to them. Competing with the same products, just with slight variations and generally just dropping their prices to make the sale.

There are many broken parts to this equation and I'm taking this course to think this problem through and how to get these sellers, with such talent, in front of a more sustainable audience and showcasing method. 

This may seem a typical intractable social problem, but it isn't. Nothing is. There is always a way to leverage technology and community-building. 

What is the meaning of my business? To provide a route to market for skilled, but illiterate tradesmen. To create a platform that enables those more fortunate to support and connect with impoverished entrepreneurs easily and meaningfully. It is about being able to customise, personalise your request for a product and connect with the best tradesperson capable to fulfill the request. 

Therefore what? 

It would need an online platform where merchants can upload images of their work and showcase their ability. It would need a portal for buyers to make their requests. 

It could even be both offline and online using a set up similiar to Tupperware or At Home parties where a Reseller places an order which they receive at cost, they then utilise their social networks to have parties where orders are placed and managed. With effective technology and systems this can be incredible streamlined. 


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