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Rene Klein

Digital Scrapbooking Designer and Eternal Optimist



Beads, Trees, and Stars--Scrapbook Paper Pattern

I primarily do digital scrapbook design, so my design work usually involves not only creating small elements from scratch, but also typography and seamless pattern creation. I'm usually designing to a specific palette and theme, so the Swatches palette ends up being critical as well. I've been doing a lot in ArtRage, but that's raster and doesn't always work well with some of the assigned monthly palette/theme combos. Mid-century modern just begs for vectors, even if they didn't design with them in the 50s.


I decided to use the December palette for this assignment, as it's one I'll be working with a lot over the next couple of months, and there's always a chance I'll manage to create something I might want to use for that kit. Besides, as I mentioned, the mid-century modern theme lends itself well to learning vectors, and while I could create papers in Photoshop with custom shapes and hand-draw/paint some things in ArtRage, that would just be a continuation of what I've been doing instead of learning something new. ;)

I settled on trying to create a patterned paper using the palette, and while what I came up with isn't true to a mid-century feel, it's at least a pattern with a little interest, and required me to learn to use the Pattern Options panel in addition to working with the Ellipse and Brush tools.


Once I got to this point, I popped open Photoshop, opened my saved Illustrator file as a smart object, and tossed one of my ArtRage-painted textures onto it as a layer style before saving off the following finished image:


While I can see that it would probably be better with a brick or hex pattern tile layout, I'm currently hitting 21 hours awake, so it's time to wrap this up for the night and get some sleep. I might see about editing the swatch more tomorrow--it's not like it takes any time at all to add texture after that!


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