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Cynthia L.

Surface Pattern Designer



Beachy Sweet | Final Collection

I have finally finished my collection. I truly had a wonderful time working on it. Thank you for all your insight Elizabeth! Looking forward to your feedback.

Thank you.



The French Riviera, french blues, red stripes, and big puffy hair just bring a smile to my face. I love the attitude and carefree enjoyment of vintage beach pieces, and would like to develop a pattern that evokes these voices.

I am envisioning illustrations of girl(s) inspired from the past. Happy, stylish, sassy girl(s) having a good time at the beach. Maybe having a drink under a big beach umbrella. Maybe it's just one girl with a great vibe and she's surrounded by pineapples, crabs and drinking a lemon drop drink.


Here's a secondary board for inspiration. This one is more about the details where I can find inspiration and incoporate into the original "Beachy Sweet" idea. I'm thinking palm trees, umbrellas, lemons and fun drinks...


Here are some prelimenary sketches fir Beachy Sweet. I have a few more icons that I will bring into the project, but wanted to start showing how this is taking shape. I think I need to bring in more florals and leaves. 



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