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Lisa Koepke




Loved the flexible format of this class. While I realize most activity and group sharing and excitement occurs during the initial weeks of the class, I really appreciate the open timing.

My initial work with H grid involved vector shapes of seagulls with colors extracted with the wonderful Color Picking Tool in Lesson 5, using photos I took this summer while relaxing on the beach, watching the seagulls wheel around overhead.

With H Shape I manipulated the vectors a bit

At this point, I got hung up on the Output files. Must have missed a detail in the code, because this is the crazy image I got:

Since I had planned to manipulate the vector images, but could not quite get there, I went in a different direction and created an animation using some different code I found on the Processing site. I've recently been taking some other online classes on Processing and Sound Design, so I combined my efforts, first with this image that simulates rising and falling wave motion along with bubbles:

Then added a tangle of seaweed

This Seaweed animated version is titled Koepke_ManOverboard 08, and invites the listener to imagine an unfortunate event of finding him or herself tossed into the sea, with the chaos of random tempo and heartbeats in the beginning, settling into a more controlled rhythm about halfway through the experience.

Within the sound design, there is a customized audio effect (lkDelay) adding noise, echo, and delay effects through two different controls- frequency rate and delay range.
The code for this soundscape is written in python and executed through EarSketch into the Reaper DAW.
Randomization for PITCHSHIFT is applied with data extracted from a photo of a beach scene, using, where I placed the same data that I had used from the beach pictures with the Color Picking Tool.


I did return to the Output lesson and was able to successfully render the artwork back into vector shapes. It's possible I will return to those shapes, but I'm content with my projects as they are for now. 


Just completed a new audio track in ChucK for the bubbly animation, now titled DrunkenSailor:


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