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Beachfit and Wellbeing

Lesson One:

Well after 3 years of wanting to do this, I keep getting this clarity and then get terrifed so don't persue. I want to offer personal training and group fitness training with a difference. I want people to leave feeling like they are on clouds, and light ready to face the rest of their day - not dreading it,

This is my business model after video 1:

I have knowledge and a willingness to learn and expand myself. I will accquire space and equipment to do what i'm offering. I will eventually hire other trainers and repeat my business model in other areas. My customer avatar is women and men aged between 20 - 45 who what connect with themselves more, and want to get fit and health doing so, and feel supported and to be part of a awesome community.

Hard - Getting the right customer and not listening to the fear inside me!

Unique - I want to offer meditation, a secret facebook page for support and sharing that I'm a active member in, sample food plans to nourish my clients, help sheets on managing stress, stretches, at home workouts if they can't attend, and a little black book for recommendations on all things health and wellness.

Repeat - Once I have one successful area, repet in ther areas with other trainers.

Lesson Two:

I think I'm abit of both. My passion lies with interacting with people and being hands on. I need to trust others and take that leap to outsource some of my work, whilst allocating time to grow the business. Theres a lot I would be happy to outsource, and give myself a promotion to develop the values and offerings of the business. Definitely something that I'm going to keep on thinking about and working out what areas I want to outsource and what promotions I want to give myself!

Lesson Three:

Forunately I don't need to raise money for my business. iI am going to invest my own money into equipment etc.


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