Beach on Lamma Island, Hong Kong | Skillshare Projects

Nick Shearman

Documentary Photographer



Beach on Lamma Island, Hong Kong

During the warmer months this beach can be very crowded but in the winter it's sort of quiet. There were secondary school (high sch.) students on a excursion the day I did my assignment. They weren't getting up to much so I watched the municipal beach sweepers carry rubbish off the beach, in itself not a great subject but could work if I moved to the top of the beach so the elements had enough separation with a cleaner bacground.

A while later some students were on the promontry, so I joined them to take a few pictures and sent them on in gratitude. Giving back—great advice from Ami and totally recommend it.

I was lucky to be in the right place for the second shot. They had a good time out of the classroom and this kind of shows it.


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