Beach Whimsy

Beach Whimsy - student project

I had a great time working with the beach houses. They are adorable. I don't use the live paint tool much so I was glad for the practice. Here is the original pattern. 


Beach Whimsy - image 1 - student project


Here is adding a few more colors.

Beach Whimsy - image 2 - student project

The lighter outline pattern.

Beach Whimsy - image 3 - student project

This one combined the different outlines along with extra elements.

Beach Whimsy - image 4 - student project


Here is where I took what I learned in the class and applied it to my own doodles. This is the original pattern created. 

Beach Whimsy - image 5 - student project

This one I made some color changes to the creatures and combined them into one pattern.


Beach Whimsy - image 6 - student project


Lastly I added a few other elements into the pattern.

Beach Whimsy - image 7 - student project