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Beach Wedding

My brother bestowed me the duty of making his wedding invitation since I'm the artsy relative, so I thought I'd make something I can use in this class. His theme is either beach or enchanted forest.

Pencil Sketch



Pen Sketch


I decided to separate the linework and the color since I want to be able to separately change the line color.

Watercolored Drawing


Digitized and Vectorized


I remembered that I wanted to change the line color when I was already half way cleaning the vector. I tried to redo it but somehow the line with the changed color transferred weirdly in Illustrator so I decided to work on what I already have. I might redo it with colored lines in the future but for now it's black. :(

Repeating Pattern


Repeating Pattern with White Background


Apparently the newest OS X does not like Illustrator CS 5 so everytime I use Eye Dropper tool it crashed and I had to work around a way to pick a color without losing my work. But I finally finished it. Yay! 

I really enjoyed this project and extremely satisfied with my newly gained knowledge to make patterns. Thank you Jenn for the class and thank you everybody who commented and like my work! :)


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