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Beach Please

Hi Everyone! I'm so psyched to participate for the second time in Skillshare. It's been a while, and I definitely need a project that would help me bring back my creative juice. So glad I found you, Lala.

First off, it's hard to find some summer phrase that I like, because I can't relate to it! It's rainy season in our country right now, and thinking about summer makes me cringe. I definitely want some vacation. Though I'm glad that I found something that's summer-related, and at the same time, I can relate to ---- BEACH PLEASE. As simple as that, and it's kinda double meaning, if ya know what I mean ;)

1. SKETCHES - Idea board!! Wohoo!


2. MOOD BOARD - I love keeping my ideas and artworks organized. I think, my mind works faster that way. Plus it looks presentable :)


3. COMPOSITION - Trying variety of composition makes the job easier when finalizing the project, because you can combine different comps, and create something completely new out of it. 


4. FINAL - I ended up sticking to the 1st comp, and combining the BEACH word design from the 8th comp. The idea of the popsicle and melting-look, plus the watercolor effect happened while during the coloring phase. I've learned that sometimes, things just happen naturally. Trust your gut, and go with the flow! :) You'll thank your brain later.



I'm so glad I've stumbled upon this tutorial. And another bonus, because I get to follow another amazing artist. Thanks Lala. Because of this tutorial, I've learned how to create an artwork more efficiently. I usually don't brain storm and think of words, and I refuse to make compositions, but now, I know how vital it is to follow these simple steps in order to achieve a faster, and better output.

P.S. Hi guys, I'm planning to make an artwork-challenge by August and the next coming months. Feel free to follow me through my instagram, tumblr, and facebook. Thank you :)

P.P.S Comments, suggestions and feedbacks are welcome! I want to know more about how I can improve my work.

Let's always be creating, everyone! <3 


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