BeSafe Signage

BeSafe Signage - student project

BeSafe Signage is an innovative safety product designed to be used by contractors, tradesmen and DIY people in everyday situations. Transporting materials, equipment and everyday items is alway a safety issue when the items may be larger than the trailer or vehicle chosen for the task. Being in traffic with over-hanging or oversized loads poses a great danger to other vehicles - if they can't see the danger, it can be deadly. 

BeSafe Signage is a bright safety sign that is designed to be easily attached to such items as ladders, equipment and other material with multiple attachment options. The Sign is designed to make other people aware of the oversized load or material, allowing them to adjust their following distance and driving accordingly.

I have a prototype completed and have an option for production in china.

I see the Sign as a good added value and add on product to Ladder companies and other large material companies. I am currently trying to explore partnerships with the 2 largest ladder producers here in the USA and also trying to get retail distributions with ACE Hardware stores. I have limited hope of getting into Home Depot and Lowe's because of there requirements so a partnership with Ladder Producers that have those relationships would be great.

My challenges at the moment - 

  1. Getting into retail and distribution channels.
  2. I have a production option in China that I have a price from but I would like to explore other production options to know that I am getting a good price and best supplier.


Making & Production - 

I currently have a supplier in China at I found throught a local contact her in Colorado. I would like to take the prototyle to China and research other production facilitys there to see if I can get a better price and also visit there current supplier location to confrim that they will be able to complete the production as required.

The current price to have the product landed here in Colorado without packaging ( the sign wont need any packaging rather just a oversized price tag ) is - 

 The per unit price is $.89 with an screen printing cost of $.03 per unit that makes a total of $.92


PCS Per Case



Bulk with Tag






Imprint Cost




Minimum Order pcs



This is landed with taxs and duty included - the minimun order is 10000 pieces.

I feel that there maybe a lower price option and depending on my retail and marketing partnerships i may need to find a lower price option. Before placing my 1st order of 10000 I do want get a smaple made so I can check quailty and final product etc.