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BeParkerArt Instagram

Do you have a color-scheme for your account? How does your post fit into that?

I don't really have a color-scheme for my account. I am working on being more consistent in how I post. I did a February challenge for myself to get my first 28 paintings to look the same and be positioned the same to see how I liked it. I did like how consistent it looked but it didn't have any major life to it. So I am reworking and playing with how I post things. 


Does your post spark engagement? Are you planning to post at a time when you'll be able to stick around and chat with your followers in the comments?

Right now with my posts I talk about something near and dear to me, World Down Syndrome Day. I am opening up the conversation about Down Syndrome and how it isn't scary at all. I wanted to let people into my life and create that environment. 


Can you tweak your post and put it in Instagram Stories, instead?

I usually post behind the scenes and more videos into my Instagram stories instead of on my feed just to keep it clean. But I do post a video every now and then to give everyone a chance to look. 48d499ec5ce5da2b


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