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BeMyBest - Professional Online Presence

Business model

Create value for individuals by making them searchable and remarkable online.

Assets you have or will acquire

  • A homepage

  • An inbound marketing system

  • My own brand – Isabella is the expert in making you searchable and remarkable online.

Human resources you will contribute or hire

  • Business development

  • Marketing

  • Social media - creative writing - a human :-)

  • SEO


  • Individuals that a professional online presence is meaningful for them

  • They will get an online presence that they can sleep well at night.

What part is hard

  • To get started with the client so they know the quality and vlaue of my work

Which part is unique

  • Me. My approach and depth

How to repeat it again and again?

  • Inbound marketing – also as branding for myself

  • Direct mail

  • Word of mouth

  • Network

"The process that turns your resources and your effort into value and profit"


Can your stakeholders find you on the internet or will they find someone else who shares your name?

When they find you. can they get a sense of who you are, what you stand for and that you're able to bring them to where they want to go just by the page one search results?

BeMyBest assists individuals to be searchable and remarkable online.

As CEO,  will a consistent and compelling online presence as your 24/7 global brand make you more or less effective in branding your company?

As startup, will a distinct profile on the internet and being authority in your field online make you more or less likely to have a YES to a meeting or a cut-throat price negotiation?

HOW to scale

Scaleable tasks when I come up in volume:

  • research
  • proposal
  • template
  • execution

Non-scaleable tasks in the next 2-3 years:

  • Customer contacts
  • Pricing


  • Get a mutural understanding of their goals
  • Define resources
  • suggest strategy
  • execute
  • review, advice, refine
  • execute


  • knowledge
  • coaching skills
  • business understandng
  • curosity
  • holistic approach
  • dare to challenge them
  • time & energy

THEIR VALUE & MY PROFIT (How do I capture, generate & deliver value?)

  • their distinct and compelling online presence (personal online branding)
  • their business development
  • their clear sense of identity


Do you need money for this business?

Yes. To grow and expand it. No if I just keep it at this level.

Does more money increase the chances you will reach positive cash flow? Profitability?

Yes. So I can concentrate on sales and development while that person on execution for both customers and our own marketing.

What are the assets the money will go to pay for?

Her salary.

How long before the money invested starts turning into money returned?

3 – 6 months

Do you hope to sell this company?



In 2 – 3 years. Or when I'm bored.

For how much?

In 3 years will BmB generates 3 m. Annually. The price will be 5 m.

What is the gross margin of what you'll be selling?


How long will it take you to reach scale?

To be scaleable? 1 year

Given all this, and what you learned in the video, what sort of funding are you seeking? Why would this investor choose your offering over all the others available?

I can manage in hiring someone for 6 months on løntilskud. Yes. I can manage with my own money. And this will be a very big bet. Because if this is not going to work out, I will be rock-bottom.


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