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Be you Bravely

I never know what to say in these descriptions to be quite honest so I apologise for my lack of text. I enjoyed this class very much and I had very low expectations in relation to what my final work would look like so in the end I was very surprised and pleased with the outcome. Is far from being perfect but taking into consideration my previous experiece with typography the result blew me away! Thank you very much Andrea Campos for the great great tips and tricks. I woud say my biggest struggle was the fine lines going up, my hand shakes a lot so for me it was better to fill in the lines rather then do strokes with the tombo.

Pinterest was my best friend while doing lots of try outs with quotes and different typographys, I found it rather interesting how taking parts of different illustrations and mixing them up could help me create something different from my references. I enjoyed it very much and I'll surely practice more after this class. Here are some of my try outs:







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