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Be who are you

Step 1:

I had a hard time choosing what to write, but decided upon a quote I found while browsing online. 

"Be who are you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."

I think it's a good message for everyone to consider :)

Step 2:

Initially while writing out another quote, I did a pencil sketch, but found that it was too restricting for me while going over it in ink, so I didn't do a pencil sketch for this quote.I had more fun just writing freely and seeing how it would turn out. I admit, it did take more time trying to perfect how the words would be placed, but it's all good practice!

Step 3:

There are definitely areas that could use improvement. I still have some issues with the pen getting caught on the paper or having too much ink in my nib. And I still need to work on a consistent slant. Drew some decorative flowers using the nib as well for fun!

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated :) 


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