Be the strongest me

In high school I was in the best shape I have ever been in. I took dance classes (which included physical training), was active in plenty on physical extra curriculars, and ate healthier than most of my teenage friends. However, I unexpectedly became ill with a serious digestive disease. For two years I was confined to bed and most of the time was not allowed (or even able) to eat real food.  I lost nearly all my muscle mass and an alarming amount of weight. After a final operation which removed 21 inches of problem small intestines I recovered I quickly regained all the weight I had lost--and then some--and rebuilt a functional amount of muscle, but I was still much weaker than I had once been.  I continued to put on weight while I attended college and culinary school. By the time I graduated last year I was the heaviest I have ever been (186lbs) and still out of shape.

In the past five months I have lost more than 30lbs by adjusting the portion sizes and frequency of my eating habits. I have discovered new foods, but have not dramatically changed what I eat because my condition dictated that I already eat fairly clean. Now that I am down to a more comfortable weight my goal is to focus on my strength and endurance.



- Reach 150lbs with my squat and deadlift in the next 6 months.

- Go for a walk/run at least once every week. No more lame excuses.

- Reduce my body fat % by 2% in 2013.


That last one is a goal for the second half of the year. Want to show off some of the muscle I'll be building, but it's not the main focus right now.


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