Be the best man I can be

Like so many people my weight and general health all went wrong for me in my 20s. After years of being very physically active but never watching what I ate, injuries and laziness caught up with me and suddenly my weight ballooned upwards.

I've tried to change it a few times, started running a lot and even finished a half marathon. But then I slipped back into my old ways and gained back all the weight and lost all the fitness.

The tipping point for me was becoming a father. Someone once told me that I was about to become the blueprint for what my child thought a man should be. I took a look in the mirror and realized I didn't much like the guy I saw. For someone who was once given the nickname "Murdoch" for having no fear, I shyed away from confrontations, was overweight and a weakling. Changes must be made.

I resolved to push myself like I've never pushed myself before. Diet: sorted. Gym: as often as possible. Suddenly I was seeing results. I grew stronger, started putting up higher and higher rep numbers, the weight started falling off me. Suddenly my BMI was no longer in the obese category, then it dropped into the normal range.

Now I'm staring at 2013 and wondering what's next for me. I've mastered some "stupid gym tricks" like the one legged squat or the one arm push up, I've squatted 1.5 times my bodyweight, deadlifted over 100kg and bench pressed my body weight, and completed 40 minutes of the 15:15 snatch protocol from Viking Warrior Conditioning.

So step one is to create some new goals to make me better, stronger, faster.


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