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Be the Maestro & Put the life Puzzle together

 Be the Maestro & Put it together 

Did you have million questions in your mind, or its only me going crazy? Many questions are hitting us and specially mine, pursuing success and happiness is a one million dollar piece, digging for true love, feeling humanity, cutover the long road and find the life dreams, what i am doing on this earth, am i on the right/wrong track, did i find my why, am i creative. leader or follower …etc.

Why we regretting and living on the fear & our uncomforted zone, why very few of people think out side the box, where to start and how?

Think of how many times you stopped and start asking such quality questions, do you feel that you’re alive or just engaging in life topics. Today this is what i always getting from the people around me, from the society, i start feeling humans are losing their humanity, lost their passion & being negative, stop looking forward for tomorrow.

Why not to be the Maestro and help humanity.

A personal experience that i would like to share it with you, almost before 40 days I got an idea to do & it bloom my mind, the idea was to gather & hang out with Friends, colleagues, Family, and some time people that i meet them daily like the security guy, cleaner .. & definitely i didn't forgot the social media on Facebook , Twitter since i adore checking out how people reacts to new topics and since then, i just start listening & reading carefully on what words & sentences they are using to express their own life, work, home, family, friends, life expenses, what to do, what if …etc. 

Some of these sentences were “i am done with this job, they pay me nothing, i am doing everything but all the credit is going to my manager”, “ i am a loser and just cant do it”, or “You’re living in a marvelous city not like me, i am living no where and this is because of xxxx”, “ did you read the news, they are bluffing us with lies, they think we are stupid”, “i am afraid” “ why to do it if no one else is doing it”, “ i worth nothing without him”, “ i want to start my own business but the society and government doesn't help me” and one of my best sentence “i am spending a hell of money & cant buy the new iPhone 6” …etc. honestly sometimes i feel that we are becoming more and more crazy.

The thing that just kills me that i figure out people loves to complain and make their life looks worse than it is, they feel if they start talking negative and start bluffing themselves this will give them the feeling that we are doing our best to make it at the level it is today since its so complicated and difficult to handle. They look around them and compare more than they really put their lives together and do what they wants too. They are JUST afraid of moving forward & believe that dreams, a passion & success in life is only for other people and not meant for them.

Unfortunately don't we hear these sentences a LOT ? why we don't try to shape it differently. My dad actually always have a great way of handling the negative words & complains coming from the people. At the beginning it made me laugh & i start using it as a joke but i realized that this maybe an initial step to help the people around us. We call Dad “Mr.Friday” since he adores Fridays, so my Dad’s way was complain as much as you want no problem with it BUT use a positive words to express it, let your brain shape it differently (give it a hope) to recognize it differently this time & make it a new habit.

For instances, “i look horrible, pale like a dead lady” instead of this say it “i look amazingly horrible that the dead people wish to look like me”. Another one, it can be “i feel tired on seeking in this life” rather than this negativity make it “i am happily tired on building & putting my life together”.

What i want to say is to start your baby steps to become a REAL Maestro, start asking yourself few questions that will sharp your guts to become an affective & DIFFERENT person, enough being a gray guy and help others to become the icon they dreamt to be. This will help BELIEVE IT.

Start today with asking yourself:

  1. Do you feel you are surrounded with people that push you to the edge or to the center? Do they care about your idea’s and thoughts or just enjoying spending time with you? Which type of people you what be with?
  2. Are you a REAL maestro with a gift of influencing people with a word or action or even with a glance, do you want to share with them what you believe and let me believe in it? Can you encourage them to move forward and help others?
  3. Do you want seek behind your dreams, do you want to become an artist, business man, creative, dreamer …etc.

If yes, then Believe in one thing, if you want happiness, health & wealth then don't wish it for yourself, wish it for the people around you and wish that God will help you to surround you with the right friends/family to do it and only then you will get to your dream and become the next Steve jobs (my dream:))

SEEK behind your dreams Maestro’s, believe in your gifts and do your next Step today… help people,  save the humanity & DREAM loudly.


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