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Be so good they can't ignore you

Hi everybody, 

I choose the phrase 'Be so good they can't ignore you' which I think is something to live for. Always be better and always improve! Well, I'm a graphic designer and I love typography and recently found a new love in lettering, just wow! 

I realised that my phrase was not that easy to reconcile with a thing except that good is positive... 

Here's my brainstorming and a part of my thumb! :) (excuse my english spelling)

Then I went out in the wilderness to find pics for my mood board.. Pinterest lover as I am, I found a lot there but it was hard because I didn't have any specific feel to my phrase.. Except encouragement, and that's not very easy I think to show in the lettering. 

So, I started drawing thumbnails and different styles for the words..  


I'd a hard time not starting on my thumbnails right away and forced myself to do some drawing first but didn't come far.. So here's three thumbnails without much details, please tell me which one you like the most and some ideas how to make it look better.. I know the letters are tilting here and there, so don't worry, I'm not blind ! 

Thanks a lot! :)


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