Be more of the me I am!!!!

Be more of the me I am!!!! - student project

I want to me more of me! I am a 27 year old mom of 3, never really got a full handle on my weightloss and have yo-yo'd up and down for the last several years. 

To begin...I have always been 'bigger'. At my thinist I was 195 but at 5'11" with a thick build, that was never bad for me. I lifted weights in high school, out lifting many of the boys in my school. It never really gained a lot of interest with me though. By the time I was a Junior in High school, I had already had surgery on my left knee and was written out of gym class as a requirement. I didn't lift anymore because I didn't have to. 

Several years later, I got married and started to have kids. When I got married was when I was at my thinist. Several years later, after terrible, terrible habits between both me and my husband and after having my first kid, I was over 300lbs. After the birth of my daughter, I am not sure how large I was. When i decided to start my weight loss journey, I did so without a scale at first. After I got the courage to purchase a scale, I clocked in at a whopping 345lbs. 

Since that moment, I knew that I never wanted to weigh that much again in my life. My mother has been obese my entire life and I have watched it ravage her body and make it nearly impossible for her to do daily activities. I did not want to be like that. I wanted to enjoy my children's childhood years with them, not watching on the sidelines. 

Over the course of 3 years, I bounced up and down in weight. I had yet another bouncing baby and another knee surgery over those 3 years, so a little bounce is understandable. After the birth of my 3rd child, I was able to get down to 251 (almost 100lbs) Then gained 20+ lbs back. So, to date I have lost almost 70lb and plan on keep going. My overall goal is to just be healthy. I want to reach 100lbs lost and then get within a normal BMI but I want to be heathly. If I am technically 'overweight' (which at 195 I was) but I am fit, I could care less. I just want to be a little bit more me