Be in my Prime

I'm 23 years old. This is the prime of my life, or so I'm told. This is when my body is supposed to be at it's peak with a faster metabolism and less joint & health problems than I may have when I get older. But I'm not happy with my body. i lack tone, I have flabby areas, I'm not strong and I'm not particularly fit. I want to change all of that and I want to relish the here and now, I want to look and feel in my prime.

So, how do I do that?

  1. Follow and complete a workout plan. I work best when I walk in to a gym knowing what I am going to do each day, so I will be following Jamie Eason's LiveFit Trainer. I started it around this time last year, but never completed it. This will involve me regularly going to the gym, something I have struggled to do in the past.
  2. Build muscle. I lack strength, tone and definition, this can all be resolved by lifting weights in the gym and building muscle to sculpt my body. 
  3. Decrease my body fat %. I want to get my body fat % down to 20%.
  4. Eat Clean. I want to eat clean the majority of the time, with a treat once or twice a week. It is all about cutting out processed foods and replacing them with wholesome foods. But still having the occasional treat so as not to feel deprived.
  5. Increase my water intake. Sometimes I can be great at drinking enough, and other times I suck. I need to constantly ensure I'm drinking enough water and staying hydrated so that my body can flush out the toxins.
  6. Bring healthy lunches and snacks to work. There is always temptation in the office. If I plan ahead and bring my own food, I will be less tempted and will find it easier to stick to eating clean.
  7. Complete the London to Brighton bike ride. I cycled 50 miles in the middle of the night last October on next to no training and took hours and hours to complete it. This year, I want to cycle 54 miles to Brighton in the Summer but do it in a good time. I'm aiming for no more than 4 hours!


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