Ivonne Karamoy

Designer & Illustrator



Be hungry, be grateful

Hi Everyone,


Really love this class. Spencer your lessons are great!

I'm taking a different approach to this class as I already had a lettering sketch that I wanted to work through. This is a pencil sketch that I did a while back...


I was pretty familiar with Illustrator before this class but it has really taught me some shortcuts and very useful techniques.

I vectorized my sketch in Illustrator, making sure to use guides, keeping lines straighter and adjusting the curves, thanks to the techniques in the lessons. I think it still needs some finesse but would love to get some feedback!



I tweaked some spacing and lines but finally colored it and pretty happy with the result. I went back and forth with color and I can spend hours just trying different palettes out but I've been liking dark color combos lately - maybe because it's autumn :)

I should note that I didn't apply any effects here as I wanted to keep it the line work simple–there is a lot of ornamentation already. Will put those effects to use on the next project.



I tweaked this a bit more and limited the colors. I could have continued to tweak it and perfect it but I'm happy with it and I want to work on more pieces.


I also got it screenprinted and used metallic gold ink which made it a bit more polished. It's been included in a group typography show here in Toronto this week.




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