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Be faithful in small things

# New day, new quote

Ok, I decided to go with an other quote since 2 days, and started to draw draw and draw to find something I would be happy about. I worked a lot on my previous quote but I didn't find how to create something cool. Instead of giving up I chose to try something different, with a different quote.

I really love curly things I see here and there, so I chose to do something around that.

I'm not on a lettering with a lot of different types, I wanted to keep it simple and coherent. Anyway I tried to play with "is small" which is smaller than other words in the quote. I think it's not so bad and it gives some rythm to the concept. 

I tried to make something where the different words would make a great and coherent overall look AND be also fully readable/understandable as independant parts. That's why I chose to use ligatures for B -> F and l -> s. I think the eye can see it like something "global" instead of 5 independant parts. My english isn't so good, but I hope you'll understand my explanations.

I know letters aren't so cute right now but I'll work on it since I'll be sure I'm on the right way and nothing has to be improved before in the composition. This is still a rough concept but I'd like to create a greating card (or something like that) with this project.

I'm really looking for advices/feedbacks to improve it so please, don't be shy =)

# Trying different kind of types

For the moment, I have to say I don't really know which font families I can combine together, is there a maximum number of types for a composition? 

I don't really the top part, anyway I think the 2 (or 3) last words "Nothing is impossible" fit well together.

This is only the begining of my concept search but I had a lot of fun while doing this, especially for the last serif word (Garamond inspired).

# Training: Basics of lettering

# Thinking the concept

My quote : "With love and patience, nothing is impossible". The ciation is from Daisaku Ikeda, a japanese philopsopher. 

This is kind of quote you would like to have in front of you when you're in a bad mood and creativity slow to emerge.

Really really happy to be a student of this classroom. Thanks Mary Kate, your videos & methodology is really a good point to start.


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