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Be a rainbow in someone else's cloud

Hi there!

This project has been an exciting challenge since the beginning. With so many great quotes out there, choosing one was pretty tough and…my writing is quite hideous. This makes it more of a challenge. My sketches are messy and the design is simple but it is probably an initial attempt as a beginner who’s never done anything of the sort. Anyhow, I’m excited to improve along the way and have another quote with a more extensive warm up in the works. :)




Current sketch I'm working on. I'm imagining the wording encased in a cloud like container (or a cloudborder rectangle) in a turquoise background, letters with color.


I redid some things in the design, made the word Rainbow a bit thicker since I'd like the focus on that word and cloud. Retouched the sketch a bit in Photoshop to move some things around. This project has been really good in developing patience!


I digitized the sketch and "finalized" it a bit. I still have issues with it but definitely want to keep practcing and try to do the second class with another quote.  Hmm!


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