Be a Voice, not an Echo

When I hand lettered a quote, I could never figure out why the resulting layout didn't "work". Even looking at layouts I liked--versus those that didn't look quite right to me--didn't help. 

I couldn't figure out what the key was to creating a visual appeal that seasoned letterers seem to find so easy! I think more practice while following the principles in this class will help me out a lot.

So, here I started following Teela's lead in jotting down some ideas and thoughts.


I guess I have issues with leaning to the left! 

I started narrowing it all down on another sheet.


And then used the tracing paper.


I would fix some things if I were to digitize it, but overall I'm happy with how this quote turned out.

I'm grateful for the elements chart. It is a great reference tool, especially for visual-learner types!

I really liked the tip about finding layouts you like and drawing their baselines. I had never thought of that before, but I will definitely be using that one in the future. 

The hierarchy numbering was also super helpful. And the advice on keeping elements to a minimum. 

So yeah, I loved this class! I will probably watch it another time or two!

Thanks so much, Teela. 


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