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Ohn Mar Win

Illustrator surface designer teacher



Be a Rainbow in Someone Else's Cloud

I adore this quote by Maya Angelou. We can ALL do small things to brighten up somebody elses's day. Simple acts of kindness like saying 'thank you' to bank clerk or smiling at the bus driver or ringing up a friend to see how they are. And knowing these small actions do make a difference- honestly.

I took Mary Kate's first class last year and I'm a bit more confident around typography in general. I'm curious to see you this project turns out. I started with a mood board then the warm up exercises.

I played with the C & D in the 'representational' version to create a cloud outline. I tried layouts where the phrase was outside of this shape and then when the whole phrase was inside the cloud shape. I'm really excited by the bottom right version. 

Based on Mary Kate's comments I drew these up - so all the type is within the clous shape. Feel I need advice about the layout within - they don't sit well at the moment.

I worked up the middle image as MK advised & enhanced the look of the R which also filled up the negative space more. 

COLOUR I tried out several versions taking into account the colours that appeared on my mood board - I'm drawn to the bottom right but any thoughts welcome.

TEXTURE It was great to try out a few different techniques from sponges ( wet & dry)oil pastel, dry brush and the running out brush pen. I can't wait to put it all together

I decided to go with the dark blue backgroung. And make each letter of the word 'rainbow' a differnt colour so it stands out better. I very much enjoyed adding and mixing the textures behind the letters. The result is different to what I expected in some ways. However I'm pleased to have gone through this process and learning about clippinhg masks has been a wonderful - I can see so many uses for that in my illustrations. I did add a warm yellow overlay as I felt it was just a bit cold ( when you multiply the layer & adjust opacity)  So what do you think - should I adjust colours or textures?


Taking into account the advice the MK left I had another playaround. I thought perhaps there was just to much going on and decided to keep the background pretty neutral without losing the texture. And also desaturated the raindrops - couldn't work out if they were distracting too. 


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