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Be a 'Picture of Health' again

I've been working on adding strength and muscle during 2012 successfully. Went from 111 lbs of lean body mass to 120 lbs. Now it's time to shed fat and look good. I am passionate about sharing the knowledge about good nutrition and physical training with people. Truth is people are inclined to listen to someone who LOOKS awesome. So, time to get awesome-looking:)

Goals (in the next 12 weeks):

- go from 20%  to 15% bodyfat while preserving strength and muscle mass via LeanGains approach

Goals ( yeard 2013):

- 1 plate BENCH

- 2 plates SQUAT

- 3 plates DEADLIFT

 Lets go!


January 24th, 2013 update

Well, one of the things that will have to be changed (for me) when dieting down is cutting down (not out) my wine and beer appreciation. I will by all means continue to appreciate them, only in moderation. So the change that I've made so far:

- 1 glass of wine (or one light beer) per night if I choose to have alcohol 


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